Massage during a pandemic

The Risk of Getting a Massage

The biggest risk in getting a massage is being in close contact with another person. Since not all with COVID-19 show symptoms, it might be that either the customer or the masseur has been infected the virus, and getting a massage will most likely transmit it to the other person via respiratory droplets.

These droplets can land on the mouths or noses of the people nearby, or they might inhale it into their lungs, as some studies suggest.

Aside from that is the risk of getting infected through touching surfaces, such as the massage table. It is known that the virus can live on surfaces for days and could spread the virus. But take note that this mode of transmission is not the primary way that the virus is transmitted.

What are the steps that WE ARE TAKING to ensure the safety of OUR customers?

After every massage, our couch is thoroughly cleaned and disinfected along with doors and any areas that have been in contact. We also use personal protective equipment, such as masks and gloves when providing a treatment, and we ask that ALL clients respect this, and wear a mask also when facing forward to protect our staff and our family. This is compulsory and non negotiable.

Proper hand hygiene plays an important role, and so we have alcohol gel placed around to be used by clients. Appointments are spaced out to provide time to sanitize the area and for better implementation of physical distancing.

If you are early for your appointment, please remain in your car until you are called in. Due to new restrictions we cannot allow waiting within the property.

We are now allowing cancellations if the client is showing any symptoms of the infection. Please protect us and yourselves

We have now completed our Coronavirus Taking Proactive Action’ certification and ‘Ready to serve following a lockdown’.

For more information about this, please contact us